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Meet the couple who threw a vegan wedding in Texas

Throwing a vegan wedding might sound simple, but what if your green nuptials take place in the BBQ capital of the US? Katie O’Malley speaks to one bride about the trials and tribulations 

Vegan pizzeria wins award at World Pizza Championships

'Vegan pizza isn’t just possible – it’s the future'

The top 10 wellbeing trends of 2019 so far

The global wellness market has grown 12.8 per cent in the last two years, transforming it into a £3.2 trillion industry, and it’s not hard to see why.

Burns Night 2019: Tesco launches vegan haggis across the UK

Sales of the meat-free alternative have soared by 120 per cent over the past year 

How the vegan lobby made a cool baby boomer feel like a Brexiteer

A generation gap has crept up on us and the kids just don’t understand us anymore. How have I ended up sitting on the old farts’ side of the fence?

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Sarah Young Your guide to what’s hot and what’s not this week

From plastic-free tea bags to anti-vaccine fake news, Sarah Young rounds up what’s hot and what’s not