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US law allows for socialists to be shot, claims Montana Republican

Rodney Garcia could not cite the law allowing socialists to be shot or jailed

Donald Trump’s emergency declaration is a threat to US democracy

Even a cursory examination should be enough to show that the apparent national emergency on the southern border is nothing of the sort

Neo-Nazi online harassment not protected by free speech, judge rules

Court dismisses attempt to block lawsuit claiming 'terror campaign' against Jewish real estate agent

Kaepernick was right not to stand for the US national anthem

Please don’t use my service or any other veteran’s sacrifices to voice your individual beliefs or to oppress the rights of another. If you do not agree with an individual’s use of their individual rights, speak only for yourself. After all, I took an oath to protect freedom of speech for you as well

US Constitution pocketbook is best-seller after Khizr Khan's speech

Khizr Khan waved his worn pocketbook and said to Mr Trump: ‘I will gladly lend you my copy'