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Mary Dejevsky Boris Johnson’s journo past could be the key to his success as PM

The profession gives you skills that serve political leaders well, especially at a time when presentation matters. I would also say that, for better or worse, our prime minister is already showing us how

The Independent Group shows UK politics isn’t about left vs right

There are, in reality, perhaps five main groups and at least some of our current politicians have their feet in more than one

This Labour split is just what Britain’s stale politics needs

The reformation of the progressive centre may take time – just as it took several elections for Labour to supplant the Liberals between the wars. It is surely though an enterprise worth undertaking

On the Tory fringe, Boris is still the messiah

To ‘errrrrr’ is authentically human, but forgiving Boris his inadequacies is more than the divine right of his worshippers – it is their passion

Jeffrey Archer saying he'd vote for Corbyn is meaningless

Despite hitting on an obvious truth that there is an economic north-south divide in the UK, one wonders what the novelist and former politician plans to do about it

New documents reveal true extent of miners’ cooperation with Thatcher

National Archive files reveal how the PM offered preferential treatment to a breakaway union in a bid to weaken its rivals

Civil servants tell ministers trade-off required for Brexit deal

Civil servants reportedly providing ministers will a clear choice ahead of the negotiations