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Theresa May given boost with seven point Tory poll lead

Public approval of Labour leader’s handling of Brexit falls to new low

Will Boston’s sense of community prevail over Brexit?

The Lincolnshire town of Boston has high immigration and a high number of Brexit voters. In a new book, ‘Do They Mean Us’, Catherine Lough finds the eastern European community there is fearful for its future

Tony Blair and Matteo Salvini: the politics of the centre we need now

Blair’s reason for being in the centre was that we have to be realistic. That's now been updated to, 'we have to be so realistic, we deny the reality'.  Maybe their problem – and they may need to look into this, as it’s complicated – is that things can change

Theresa May has one job left as PM – to kill the cult of Boris

The pair are engaged in a deathly grapple on the edge of a terrifying abyss. If May can find a way to take Johnson over it with her, she would not survive. But she would leave with honour, dignity, and the eternal gratitude of a nation

Pop activism had largely disappeared – it's time to bring it back

Pop music has lost the political edge it had in the 1970s. But there are signs that may be returning

As someone who works with refugees, I know we can do more

As we come to the end of Refugee Week, we should harness our sense of community and solidarity and show our support to the migrants who need it