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James Moore Why we still shouldn’t be optimistic about the economy

December may have rebounded from the November slump, and recent surveys have been optimistic, but the dead hand of our EU exit still holds the reins, write James Moore


James Moore Why is Sajid Javid making economic promises he can’t keep?

The chancellor’s target is confounding in the extreme, writes James Moore

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James Moore Why retailers are furious over Michael Gove’s denial of food shortages

Government has stopped listening to the industry, and seems intent on playing a cynical blame game with its ‘get ready’ campaign, writes James Moore

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James Moore Britain will pay a big price for Boris Johnson’s Brexit coup

The economy is already suffering because of the impending exit from the EU – this will make things even worse, writes James Moore

Insolvencies on the rise as Britain careers toward Brexit buffers

What the Insolvency Service’s release with its graphs, and its analysis, doesn’t do is explore the reality which is that every single one of last year's 115,229 personal insolvencies and 16,090 corporate insolvencies represents a tragedy

Liam Fox tries for Davos trade deals as corporates walk away

The trade secretary said delayng Brexit would be worse than no deal. The behaviour of big companies shows they think otherwise