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Hazel Sheffield ‘There’s definitely such a thing as having too much money’

The Start-Up: Companies are experimenting with alternatives to venture capital that forces them to sell up, go public or go bust. Alternatives must scale up to meet demand

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Zlata Rodionova Resi's co-founder Alex Depledge champions female entrepreneurship

The entrepreneur tells Zlata Rodionova how her burnout prompted her to launch two successful startups and what worries her about Brexit

These platform co-operatives are creating a worker-owned economy

Platform co-operatives have grown in popularity as an alternative to the sharing economy

Gian Power on meditation and motivation in the face of family tragedy

Aged 23, he found himself in a room at the Foreign Office trying to lead an investigation across two continents into his father’s murder

French VC fundraising shows startup money is pouring into Paris

'The European entrepreneur ecosystem today is just magic,' said the managing partner of a Paris-based VC

Jawbone collapse a case of 'death by overfunding' in Silicon Valley

The consumer electronics company began liquidating proceedings in June despite millions of dollars of investment