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Big businesses battle to save entrepreneurial talent

Young workers are seeking meaningful jobs that fulfil their personal goals and create impact, forcing big banks to change their cultures to attract and keep top talent says Josie Cox

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Zlata Rodionova A View From The Top: Richard Moross, creator of MOO business cards

Business card company MOO might be held up as a startup success story now, but Richard Moross tells Zlata Rodionova that wasn't always a foregone conclusion

Independent Minds
Food waste is becoming big business
Hazel Sheffield

Eight out of 10 start-ups rope in friends and relatives, study finds

Young people more likely to set up small business than any other age group founder Abi Wright on juggling family and work

After being heralded as 'entrepreneur of the year' at an awards ceremony, Abi Wright collapsed on the tube into work

Strava: The sports network that pits you against Jenson Button

The startup has been dubbed a 'Facebook for athletes', but its new CEO says the comparison doesn't hold

Siesta and Go: The Spanish startup revitalising nap culture

Bankers, lawyers and consultants catch up on their sleep at Siesta and Go - Madrid's first nap-bar located in the heart of the city’s financial district