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Johnson branded a 'racist' by SNP leader in Commons chamber

'He called Muslim women letterboxes, he described African people as having watermelon smiles....if that’s not racist, I don’t know what is'

Sturgeon plans second independence referendum in next two years

Scottish first minister says she will introduce new law to pave way for another poll to be held before 2021

May-Corbyn Brexit deal would 'make country poorer', Sturgeon says

Scottish first minister warns against 'cobbled together least bad option' and calls for long delay to Brexit instead

SNP offers to unite with Labour to topple Theresa May's government

It comes amid chaotic scenes as news the meaningful vote was being shelved broke moments after a Downing Street told reporters it would go ahead

Row among fresh Brexit referendum supporters over early vote

Vince Cable’s party tables amendment to next week’s crucial Commons vote – but People's Vote campaign calls it ‘deeply unhelpful’

Self-service checkouts aren’t worth the hassle they cause

Please send your letters to

Scottish government report proposes giving cash rewards to immigrants

A Scottish government report has proposed giving prospective immigrants financial incentives to move to Scotland, in a bid to boost the country’s economy and offset the consequences of Brexit.