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Corbyn says response to pandemic proves he was 'right' on spending

'I was denounced as somebody that wanted to spend more money than we possibly could afford, in order to right the social wrongs of this country,' says outgoing Labour leader

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John Rentoul Pipe dream: Keir Starmer, the new Harold Wilson of the Labour Party

Is the likely new leader of the opposition a slippery opportunist who pretends to be more left-wing than he is, but who might hold the party together well enough to win? John Rentoul examines the evidence

Boris Johnson faces outrage over fall in life expectancy

Boris Johnson has been urged to take action over a “lost decade” which has seen life expectancy fall for some of the UK’s poorest people after years of Tory austerity.

How do the Labour leadership candidates compare on the big issues?

Candidates must convince members they can revive Labour's fortunes after its worst electoral defeat since 1935

Starmer urged to ‘stand aside’ so Labour can have first woman leader

‘We’ve got Rebecca Long-Bailey, Baileyism,’ says party chairman Ian Lavery

Deadline looms for voter registration in Labour leadership contest

New YouGov poll says 63 per cent of Labour members would back shadow Brexit secretary in final round

Davidson tells Johnson: ‘I won’t support no-deal Brexit’

Warning follows Michael Gove’s remarks that government is ‘operating on assumption’ of UK exiting EU without a deal

Shifting Labour’s Brexit stance like ‘hitting head against a wall’

Labour has been embroiled in a long-running debate over its Brexit strategy