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Millions vulnerable to scams as banks fail to sign up to new code

Almost half of UK banks not signed up to standards that help victims get money back after fraudsters steal cash

How to avoid the car crash scammers

Their actions cost road users £340m a year – now, as Sean O’Grady discovers, ‘cash-for-crash’ fraudsters have adopted a dangerous new tactic to trap unsuspecting drivers

Pensions cold calling ban must be brought forward, urge MPs

The Work and Pensions Select Committee says the Government needs to introduce new legislation by next summer to help prevent pensioners losing their life savings

Nearly three quarters of people 'have been targeted by scam messages'

Over a quarter believed the communications to be genuine, and 7 per cent subsequently fell victim to the scammers

When nuisance calls become a lot more sinister

An enexpected phone call can be a pain - or lead to financial disaster

How I fell victim to a sickening online money-making scam

If the Government cares about the poorest they must take the step of classifying all 084 numbers as premium rate services