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Javid is preparing a hollow budget. Could he be less powerful?

Even the really bad ones, like Norman Lamont, who sang in his bath when the pound crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, had good people around them

Government minister has 'no idea' how Johnson will deliver Brexit

But Esther McVey suggests prime minister has 'something in his back pocket' for avoiding Benn Act 

Chancellor announces rise in National Living Wage

Hike to bring hourly rate up to 66 per cent of median average and could be worth an extra £4,000 to 4m workers by 2024, says the Treasury

Javid to announce £2bn Brexit funding for government departments

Chancellor’s statement expected to be billed as end to era of austerity

‘Rushed’ spending review risks hurting the vulnerable, Labour warns

Exclusive: Shadow Treasury minister says austerity has hit women and minority communities disproportionately hard

A diverse cabinet is great, but can Boris's team actually deliver?

In 2019 it should be a given, not only for our government but also for the opposition and other political parties, that they seek to build a leadership that represents all of us

Sajid Javid spends extra £2.1bn on no-deal Brexit

Chancellor accused of ‘colossal’ waste of taxpayers’ money on outcome opposed by MPs and voters