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Expelled Tory grandee accuses Boris Johnson of ‘serial disloyalty’

Sir Nicholas Soames is one of 21 MPs stripped of the Conservative whip after rebelling against the PM over Brexit

Davidson tells Johnson: ‘I won’t support no-deal Brexit’

Warning follows Michael Gove’s remarks that government is ‘operating on assumption’ of UK exiting EU without a deal

Will the real Ruth Davidson please stand up?

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Michael Gove is not the man to save us from political degeneracy

Gove’s utter failure to engage with his own deeds on anti-immigrant scaremongering shows that he knows it is a sin from which he will never be able to escape

Tories under May too 'dour and authoritarian', warns Davidson

'We don’t get to win if we start hectoring the people we need to vote for us'

Michael Gove calls for more open approach to Brexit

William Hague has also called for a cross-party working group to help strike the best deal

Davidson attends May's first meeting of new Cabinet

Ms Davidson emerges as key figure in the party following Conservative success in Scotland