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Will the real Ruth Davidson please stand up?

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Johnson to woo Tory members ahead of expected leadership bid

Former foreign secretary will call for the party to focus on homes, law and order and cutting taxes

May risks Brexiteer fury as she signals she may offer compromise to EU

The prime minister made the comments at the start of what promises to be a fraught Conservative conference

I'm convinced Ruth Davidson could be the next prime minister

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives said: ‘I’m not sure the party would be happy with a drippingly wet, pro-immigrant lesbian Scot.’ But it could choose her all the same

'Unfortunate shenanigans': Davidson in thinly veiled attack on Johnson

Scottish Tory leader says Theresa May must hold Foreign Secretary to his promises of loyalty - and says it is 'not about private ambition'

SNP accused of 'misusing' NHS logo to attack Conservatives

Party has hit back at critics calling Conservatives and Labour 'completely and utterly pathetic'

Nicola Sturgeon says Labour and Tories are stealing SNP policies

Free prescriptions, free tuition fees and free NHS parking spaces will be ‘familiar’ to Scottish voters, says the First Minister