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BBC pundit taken off air for comments about Derby’s ‘young black lads’

Former footballer removed by broadcaster after claiming players need ‘pulling down a peg or two’

UK news

Eleanor Busby Medical schools are ‘failing to deal with racism’ towards students

Eleanor Busby reports that examples of racial abuse and disrespect are 'countless', according to one undergraduate

Number of BAME members in EU Parliament falls by 20% with Brexit

Campaigners fear racism will become even less of a priority in Brussels following UK departure

Meghan Markle is a victim of racism and misogyny, says John Bercow

Media and public targets royal for criticising Donald Trump and espousing feminist values, former Commons speaker says

Landlord 'rejects Gambian tenant over African cooking smell'

Man claims London landlord withdrew offer of viewing after learning he is African

In our divided Brexit Britain, football racism is on the rise again

There has been a string of racist incidents over the last few months. There is more the beautiful game can do to challenge hate speech

UEFA boss accuses Johnson of hypocrisy for criticising racism

Head of European football accuses prime minister of hypocrisy when he has not been 'punished' for his own notorious comments