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Teachers ‘failing to protect eastern European pupils from racism’

Student told to f*** off back to country after being followed by chanting group in school

I wrote about my Trump-loving in-laws – then I went viral

 People wished terrible things on me. Several separate parties threatened to call Child Protective Services. One emailer wrote to say he hoped I died of cancer

Johnson is whipping up white fear to enforce a racist policing agenda

The prime minister’s vow to ‘come down hard on crime' is just code for the further policing and criminalisation of working-class black communities

Naomi Campbell says hotel denied her entry because of her skin colour

Model says such instances inspire her to 'continue to express myself and make myself heard' 

How the media blamed two non-existent ‘North Africans' for a murder

In a matter of hours, two US American students were charged, but it didn't matter. The far-right had already fed their fabrications to the mainstream until it was no longer clear what was true and what was fake

Video of Trump partying with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein emerges

House prepares to vote on impeachment proceedings after rebuking president's racist tweets

'Suspicious' noose found hanging near student housing

‘A noose is recognised as a symbol of violence and racism directed against African American peoples’