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Tory Party faces 110 allegations of Islamophobia and racism

Baroness Warsi says number of cases shows ‘the party has got something to hide’

Racist Siamese cat characters to be scrapped from Lady and the Tramp

Film is being released exclusively on Disney's streaming service later this year

A royal baby with black heritage won't help black Britons like me

This is the same United Kingdom that was so taken aback by Jon Snow’s remark on ‘Channel 4 News’ that he had ‘never seen so many white people in one place’ at a predominantly white Brexiteer rally, that thousands of people, unfamiliar with being classified as anything but the default, complained

I resigned as a Labour councillor after accusations of antisemitism

My personal tutor at high school was Jewish and I knew, but could not understand, that she wanted me – a Muslim – to succeed

This is the brutal truth of the Windrush scandal, one year on

This scandal didn’t come out of nowhere. It comes from an institutionally racist consensus maintained by politicians of all parties

Rudd's racist comment is a reminder that today's feminism isn't for me

For many black and Asian women Amber Rudd’s use of the word “coloured” is will drag up many painful memories of the racism that they have faced their whole lives

KKK costumes spotted at carnival in Switzerland prompt investigation

Second carnival racism row within a week, after Belgian parade featured antisemitic float