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Huge march for Brexit referendum to be held as October exit date nears

‘Let Us Be Heard’ event will be week later than planned - taking it to just 12 days before date when Boris Johnson is threatening a crash-out departure

A Final Say on Brexit is just the start for young people

We want equity, representation, action on climate change, an end to austerity, and a more open and tolerant society; all a stark contrast to the grim vision of the Brexiteers

Tom Watson spoke for millions at the Put It To The People march

While Mr Watson’s words to the crowds today were ostensibly directed at the prime minister, many of them seemed aimed just as much at the leader of the official opposition

Brexit protesters unfurl giant banner mocking David Davis

Quote comes from a speech by former DExEU secretary in 2012

You’ll need some exercise for no deal – so come and join the march

Brexit Britain has lost its mind. Maybe, just maybe, we can reverse the death drive...

As mayor of London, it’s clear to me we need to revoke Article 50

Nobody voted for the division that has torn through our country as a result of Theresa May’s wrongheaded approach, which is why thousands will be marching in protest tomorrow