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Tory MPs threaten mass walk-out if manifesto backs no-deal Brexit

Damian Green tells prime minister the stance would be 'unacceptable' to dozens of members of the 'One Nation' group

Johnson appears to contradict own claim prorogation 'not about Brexit'

Former cabinet minister Amber Rudd says PM 'can't have it both ways'

Against the wishes of No 10, the rule of law has come out on top

The judges today applied the law ‘without fear or favour’ – and it would be utterly wrong for anyone to suggest they would ever do otherwise

Why judges ruled against Boris Johnson on prorogation

Decision to suspend parliament was motivated by 'improper' desire to avoid MPs' scrutiny, court finds

Johnson tried to escape scrutiny, but Scottish judges had other ideas

Sadly for Johnson and his allies it is as yet impossible for him to give the judges a couple of months off. He is like a naughty schoolboy finally facing up to the consequences of breaking the rules

Corbyn requests meeting with Queen to stop parliamentary suspension

Labour leader warns monarch of danger that the royal prerogative is being used ‘directly against the wishes of a majority of the House of Commons’

Commons to be suspended ahead of 14 October Queen’s Speech

Announcement denounced as ‘constitutional outrage' by Commons speaker John Bercow