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‘Crackdown on foreign criminals’ would affect 10 people a year

Proposed law would give harsher punishments to foreign citizens who violate deportation orders, but few are convicted of crime

The Conservative Party was an hour away from Tasering its own MP

If the home secretary’s announcement to grant police the freedom to Taser whoever they liked had come slightly earlier, an MP called Geoffrey Clifton-Brown could have been in serious trouble

Murderers and rapists to serve more of their sentences under Tory plan

New announcement comes as home secretary set to warn lawbreakers: 'We are coming after you'

This unfair salary threshold would push out migrants like me

It seems the minimum for our annual earnings can be raised at a whim. So what’s to stop the government from changing its stance on settled status, the scheme that is meant to safeguard our rights?

Boris Johnson ‘risks riots with stop-and-search expansion’

'They have opted to 'appear tough' instead of dealing with the root causes of crime'

Next Tory leader "must not be member of May's Cabinet" - Patel

The Prime Minister was seeking cabinet approval for her latest Brexit package

Tory leadership hopefuls ‘step up a gear’ amid calls for May to quit

Rivals have undertaken a flurry of activity as the suspicion grows that Ms May will announce her departure