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Cocaine, ketamine and banned pesticides found in UK river wildlife

Impact of ‘invisible’ chemical pollution needs more focus in UK, scientists say

Bees are becoming ‘addicted’ to pesticides blamed for wiping them out

Bumblebees appetite for harmful chemicals 'ticks certain symptoms of addictive behaviour'

New chemicals replacing banned pesticides are threat to bees

Sulfoximine-based treatments currently being considered for use in UK reduce bumblebee colony size and number of male offspring

Nicotine-based pesticides do harm bees, major study concludes

Researchers found a 24 per cent reduction in bee populations at test sites in Hungary was linked to use of neonicotinoids, but also some 'positive' effects of its use in Germany

Tory attempt to prevent full ban on bee-killing pesticides thrown out

Conservative opposition to full neonicotinoid ban in EU raises concern the Government will allow the chemicals to be used post-Brexit, say environmentalists