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Police failing to solve crimes committed against elderly people

Call for action as prosecutions for crimes committed against older victims fall 


Hamish McRae Britain must do more to adapt to the ageing population

Forget Brexit – in the long term this is our economy’s biggest challenge

The 40 different skills older people are better at than millenials

'There’s so much we can learn from our older generations, but there’s a real danger that we’re losing valuable life skills and pastimes'

Just one in five young people now spend time with their grandparents

More than 50 per cent of five to 18-year-olds surveyed could not name their elderly relatives' occupations prior to retirement

New bedroom tax ‘will cost 300,000 homes’ for elderly and disabled

‘If this is not fixed, it could be really disastrous for large numbers of older and vulnerable people’

Budget 2017 reactions: From a single mother to a self-employed lawyer

Do ordinary people feel the Budget is going to make things better for them or worse?

The age of prosperous pensioners will be temporary

Many working people face significant financial pressures: real incomes of the median worker have fallen by around 10 per cent since the economic downturn of 2008. For those struggling to make ends meet while still taking home a salary, the news that pensioners are now better off than ever before will be of little comfort. Yet it is, fundamentally, a welcome development.

Pensioners 'earning more than the average worker'

Generation gap getting wider all the time, reports the Institute for Fiscal Studies