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Boris insiders want to put off the fight for the soul of the Tories

While Johnson remains in power, the centre of gravity of the Tory parliamentary party will shift to the Eurosceptic right. Moderates such as Greg Clark and Stephen Hammond – and the now independent David Gauke – will be an endangered species

Tories urge voters to pester MPs to trigger pre-Christmas election

Pressure stepped up ahead of crucial vote – but Jeremy Corbyn toughens stance, saying ‘all vestiges’ of a no-deal Brexit must be removed first

Johnson ‘eyeing post-Brexit US trade deal’ by ripping out protections

Exclusive: ‘This is clearly an attempt to make it harder for the public and parliament to ensure protections are not traded away’

No-deal Brexit will slash 10% off UK house prices – top credit agency

Price plunge will be deepest in 2020, with prices also falling in 2019 and 2021 if UK leaves EU without deal this month, S&P says

Ex-Tory cabinet ministers hint at rejecting Johnson's new Brexit plan

David Gauke warns of 'an unnecessarily high economic price' - while Amber Rudd highlights less 'support for the economy' than Theresa May's doomed deal

Businesses ‘cannot be protected’ from worst impacts of no-deal Brexit

‘We must leave with a deal that protects jobs and livelihoods – or get mired in a swamp,’ says Confederation of British Industry

There is no Brexit solution that will placate Leavers and Remainers

‘Getting Brexit done’ – whether via the Remain or the Leave route – will not return things to normal. The time for that is long gone