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Kathy Bates on #MeToo and women in hotel rooms: 'Times were different'

Actor suggests ‘times were different’ when she entered the industry in the 1970s

Terry Gilliam: ‘I’m tired of white men being blamed for everything’

After two decades of trying, the director and former Monty Python member has finally managed to make ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’. But he’d rather talk to Alexandra Pollard about #MeToo, the trials of being a white man, and why he’s decided to become a ‘black lesbian in transition’

Why you shouldn't judge Soon-Yi Previn for her Woody Allen comments

To have a close relationship with an abuser is no crime. To love an abuser is no crime. To be an abuser is

Ballerina's allegations threaten to unleash dance's #MeToo movement

Alexandra Waterbury's lawsuit claims 'fraternity house' environment allowed male dancers to swap nude photos of ballerinas at one of the world's most prestigious dance companies