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Men shouldn’t stay silent when it comes to sexual harassment

A study has found that men feel sympathy for other men accused of sexual misconduct. What will it take for them to start holding their own to account?

Marital infidelity and professional misconduct are linked, says study

Researchers use data from Ashley Madison user exposure

Westminster misogyny on show as Boris drops the Mark Field inquiry

When the treatment of MPs accused of abuse and assault against women is affected by how much their parties fear the polls, gender equality is severely undermined

Famous French feminist books translated into English

Annie Ernaux’s award-winning, controversial work has been recognised in France for decades, and now her groundbreaking books can be read by anglophones. Elise Hugueny-Léger delves into her catalogue

Piers Morgan and men's rights activists upset at new Gillette advert

The advert has been labelled as 'emasculating' and 'repulsive'

Stop congratulating Gillette – this is MeToo commodified

The whole video is basically one big long high five to men who don’t assault people. It seems like a pretty low bar considering it’s supposed to represent 'the best men can be'