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Boris Johnson has made today's Women's March more necessary than ever

Like the American president who inspired the first Women’s March three years ago, Johnson’s history of misogyny is as long as it is dangerous

Terry Gilliam says Weinstein’s victims ‘are adults who made choices’

The director also elaborated upon why he thinks #MeToo was a ‘witch hunt’

Scientists have developed AI to detect harassment in emails

The AI can monitor internal conversations, emails and chats 

Reese Witherspoon: ‘I dealt with sexual harassment in my own way’

Actor and producer discussed the #MeToo movement and her new series The Morning Show in an NPR podcast

The Prince Andrew interview failed Epstein’s victims

Whatever your opinion on either of these men, this really should have been an important moment for the movement to shut down sexual violence

Metronomy’s Joe Mount: I’m jealous of bands who’re played on the radio

As they release their sixth album ‘Metronomy Forever’, frontman Joe Mount speaks with Alexandra Pollard about fatherhood, ambition and why this isn’t a ‘#MeToo album’

The Voice star Jordan Pruitt accuses former manager of sexual abuse

Singer accused Disney of treating underage talent ‘like cash cows’ after allowing alleged abuser to be unsupervised