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How to talk about sexual harassment

Think it’s fun to play devil’s advocate? Sian Lewis on how women are still being silenced after #MeToo

The response to allegations against Ross Thomson makes my skin crawl

Anonymity is not a luxury for sexual assault survivors – it's a right. No alleged victim should feel the need to go public to ensure their allegations are taken seriously

Dean Martin’s daughter blasts John Legend’s 'Baby It's Cold Outside'

Legend and Kelly Clarkson have written new rendition without controversial lyrics

Cardi B says she used to drug and rob men when she was a stripper

The rapper said she took the measures to 'survive' 

Harvey Weinstein witness told by investigator to delete texts

Accuser says she did not delete anything from her phone, and handed the device over to investigators untouched

Michelle Obama frustrated with the lack of change since Me Too

'I'm surprised by how much has changed, but by how much has not changed,' says former first lady