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Eco activists plan mass civil disobedience in call for vegan drive

Animal Rebellion members will use disruption to urge government to fight climate crisis by supporting switch away from meat and dairy production

US government says ‘pink slime’ can now be called ground beef

With the reclassification, you may now be purchasing ground beef with added 'ground beef'

Failure to tackle meat cancer link ‘dereliction of duty’ by government

‘It is surely the responsibility of your administrations to educate parents of the risks posed by ham in their children’s lunchbox,’ says researcher behind WHO report

French butchers demand protection from ‘extremist’ vegans

'We just ask that people respect our profession and our customers,' says country's federation of butchers

Why not having kids is my gift to the environment

Thanks to the ever depleting ozone layer, I have a legitimate reason not to have offspring

The worst mistake everybody makes when cooking steak

World-famous food guy Anthony Bourdain has a new book out called Appetites and he recently appeared on the Marc Maron 'WTF' podcast to talk about it.

9 ways you're cooking your steak wrong

Few dishes compare to a hunk of juicy steak.