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Schools should have one compulsory meat-free day a week, charity says

Tackle obesity and fight climate change by implementing stricter school food standards, says Soil Association

Cutting down on meat saved British people ‘more than £2.8bn last year’

'There are a number of motivations driving people to alter their behaviour, from ethics, economics, environment, health and accessibility'

Supermarkets face pressure over antibiotics as superbugs found in pork

Infected products sold abroad came from sources that may also supply UK stores - and 'risk may rise' with Brexit

Police release audio of caller who dialled 999 because KFC was closed

Prank calls 'putting lives at risk by keeping call handlers from answering real emergencies', police warn

Will Smith tried his first Australian meat pie and things went wrong

The actor was warned it would be ‘hot’ and ‘nasty’

Why going veggie would save millions of lives and cut pollution

Meat-free diets could result in up to 8.1 million avoided deaths 

World Meat Free Day: Why vegetarianism could be the future

According to the FAO the UK consumed on average 85.8 kilogrammes per person in 2012