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Politics explained

Rob Merrick Which political factions are poised to defeat May’s Brexit bill?

Politics Explained: The prime minister’s enemies will come in many different guises when the showdown comes in early June

May has ‘no chance’ of passing deal in time to stop European elections

Exclusive: Experts dismiss chances of legislation passing by 22 May – putting prime minister on course for ballot box disaster and fresh threat to her job

Hammond says second Brexit referendum deserves to be considered

'It’s a coherent proposition And it deserves to be considered along with the other proposals'

‘One million’ protesters say: ‘Give Brexit decision back to people’

‘Have a look out of the window prime minister. Open your curtains. Switch on your TV. Here are the people’

Tory Brexiteers tell MPs to vote down May's revised deal

Eurosceptic 'Star Chamber' says prime minister's plan fails to meet government's own tests

Attorney general’s advice confirms we are never going to leave the EU

Theresa May is heading for heavy defeat in the vote tonight – and that means Brexit is likely to be delayed, and delayed again

MPs should approve Theresa May’s deal – subject to a new referendum

Two Labour MPs are planning to table a Brexit compromise in the House of Commons 

EU ‘place in hell’ warning puts May’s Brexit rescue bid in trouble

Downing Street hits back after extraordinary attack by Donald Tusk, as prime minister prepares to beg for EU help to rescue her deal