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Everything you need to know about the Withdrawal Agreement Bill

What are the crucial clauses of the legislation to implement Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal – and why do they divide opinion?

Editor’s letters

John Rentoul The nightmare of counting MPs before big votes

I understand people who find it frustrating that journalists can seem obsessed with numbers rather than substance – but winning votes is the bottom line of politics

DUP says it will not back Brexit deal ‘under any circumstances’

'We would damage irrevocably our trading relationship with our biggest market, which is the rest of the UK, and we are sitting in a waiting room for constitutional change. And we simply can’t accept that'

May fails to deny she is about to 'ride off into the sunset'

Prime minister fuels suggestions that she will set out a timetable for her departure at a 5pm meeting with her party

LIVE: May suffers second crushing defeat on her Brexit deal

Follow The Independent's coverage live from Westminster

The scale of May’s defeat makes it tough to avoid a Brexit delay

The House of Commons looks as if it will rule out leaving the EU with a deal, and leaving without a deal – logically that must mean not leaving at all

Verhofstadt slams May’s ‘reckless’ decision to postpone Brexit vote

European parliament Brexit chief says PM’s decision will prolong ‘crippling uncertainty’

Groundhog May is keeping us in the dark about Brexit

A single-cell political organism, her only purpose is survival. If that means restarting the clock over and over again, right up until Brexit day – she’ll do it