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Andrea Leadsom backs Boris Johnson for Tory leader

Decision underlines favourite’s success in wooing both Brexiteer and moderate wings of the Tory party – but he is accused of telling each what it wants to hear

Ten Tory candidates enter race to be next prime minister

Outsiders Rory Stewart, Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and Mark Harper reach the starting line – but Final Say backer Sam Gyimah pulls out

Rival Tories take on Johnson as they launch leadership campaigns

Former Conservative chair Sayeeda Warsi has called on Michael Gove to quit the race

Compulsory vaccination could be justified if measles returns

Even John Stuart Mill would recognise that one parent’s liberty to decide their child should not be vaccinated might clash with another child’s right not to suffer a life-changing illness

Festivalgoers warned about measles risk amid global surge in cases

The virus can lead to life-threatening complications, including pneumonia and swelling of the brain that can cause deafness or neurological damage

Patients complain about 'almost functionless' NHS app at launch

Users question functionality after few GP practices sign up

Antibiotic-resistant infections a 'global health emergency'

Hip replacements and caesarean sections could become ‘too risky to carry out’ if superbugs left unchecked, health secretary to warn