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Schools should be 'shown MMR jab certificates' before pupils start

Britain recently lost its ‘measles-free’ status with the World Health Organisation

Boris’s social care plan is so bad he may as well not have one at all

The crisis in social care is a national scandal. But the solution floated by Matt Hancock would be a disaster

Swathe of ministers sacked as Johnson puts Brexit print on cabinet

Leadership rival Jeremy Hunt walks out after refusing to take job of sacked defence secretary Penny Mordaunt

UK Politics

Tom Batchelor What Boris Johnson has said about taking cocaine

The past drug use of Tory leadership hopefuls has become an unlikely theme of the race to succeed Theresa May.

UK Politics

Andrew Grice Can the next Tory leader really cut taxes for the wealthy?

Politics Explained: Several of the contenders – most notably Boris Johnson – have made pledges to lower rates for the well-off

NHS offers £127m in private contracts despite minister’s pledge

Labour calls on Matt Hancock to 'be true to his word and block these latest NHS privatisation proposals'

Brexit to be delayed until next year, attorney general warns

Geoffrey Cox admits Theresa May will be forced to accept Article 50 extension longer than 'just a few weeks or months' - paving way for new cabinet bust-up