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Marine Le Pen to stand trial for tweeting pictures of Isis killings

French far-right leader posted three graphic images of hostages being murdered by militant group

The centre is dead. When will the left wake up?

At no point during the electoral campaign was there a concerted effort of the largest social-democratic parties to occupy a platform together, to organise a common rally, to critically reflect on Europe as a joint project, to involve their activists in deliberation about its future

French far-right close in on Emmanuel Macron’s party

Far-right gaining on Mr Macron’s party ahead of European Parliament elections

Steve Bannon to set up foundation to boost far-right across Europe

Donald Trump's former chief strategist wants to 'spark a right-wing revolution'

French Muslim who had house arrest overturned speaks out over election

Exclusive: 'How can I believe in a state which almost destroyed my life? My family's lives?'

Marine Le Pen returns to role as the leader of Front National

Marine Le Pen, the far right politician who was defeated by centrist Emmanuel Macron in her bid for the French presidency, has resumed her job as head of the National Front (FN), a senior official in the party said.

Greenpeace unfurls anti-Marine Le Pen banner from Eiffel Tower

Sign reminds electorate of republican slogan 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity' and urges them to 'resist' draw of far-right Front National party

Pete Doherty joins anti-Marine Le Pen rally in Paris

Artist warned that far-right candidate's immigration policy was 'not some distant threat'