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Key figures in far-right group jailed after anti-migrant Alps stunt

Three men sentenced to six months in prison for role in 100-strong stunt near Italian border

Marine Le Pen rejects court-ordered psychiatric test

'I'd like to see how the judge would try and force me do it', says former presidential candidate

Marine Le Pen to abandon ‘Frexit’ plans following election defeat

‘We have taken note of what the French people told us’ 

Who is Edouard Philippe - France's new Prime Minister?

Conservative appointment could help President Emmanuel Macron win over much needed support from Les Republicains ahead of June's parliamentary vote

Young French voters urged to embrace 'the lesser of two evils'

Young voters at the great higher education institutions of Paris tell The Independent they don’t want to back a centrist candidate, but would rather abstain than elect Marine Le Pen

The French will vote out of duty, not a sense of hope, this weekend

There was scant evidence of anything resembling enthusiasm earlier this week in Roubaix, more a resigned acceptance of the inevitable, coupled with a dogged sense of duty that it was important to go out and vote