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UK to 'look at' free movement for Australians after Brexit, says Truss

Liz Truss says she wants 'fully comprehensive trade deal' reflecting the fact that Britons and Australians want to live and work in each others' countries

The Tory hopefuls have gifted us another year of needless austerity

The nauseating battle of non entities we’re being treated to means government has formally ground to a halt

UK Politics

John Rentoul Even without Brexit delays, austerity’s effects will be felt for years

Politics Explained: There is bound to be a delay between the spending taps being turned back on and Britons noticing the difference

Why Liz Truss has entered all-out war with her cabinet colleagues

In a speech last night, Truss had planned to take all the piss out of Michael Gove, but at the last minute decided to leave some of the piss in. In the ensuing confusion, Team Truss denied having taken any piss at all, either via the plastic straw ban or otherwise

Liz Truss’s prison plan forgets one key thing – the workers

Workers operating in a busted system where there are attacks on staff every 90 minutes. Morale could not be lower in the prison service and bosses say the latest initiatives won’t attract recruits