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Truss cleared over breaches of ban on arms sales linked to Yemen war

Internal report blames ‘shortcomings’ in processes set up – and warns of ‘potential’ for further violations of court-ordered freeze

How can you ‘accidentally’ sell military equipment to Saudi Arabia?

The reality is that the UK government has always been far more concerned with arms company profits than it has with the rights and lives of Yemeni people

Tory minister sorry for ‘accidentally’ allowing illegal military sales

‘Thousands of people have been killed in this war and it is staggering that the trade secretary thinks an apology will get her off the hook’

Hunt vows to end Tories‘ ‘money, money, money’ image

Two other likely candidates – Dominic Raab and Liz Truss – demand tougher stance in talks with EU

Barnier’s ultimatum: ‘If you want Brexit delay, you need a new plan’

Theresa May’s plans were dealt a blow after only a ‘new event or new political process’ can secure an extension to the Article 50 period

Government to enshrine duty to rehabilitate prisoners into law

Liz Truss says she wants the prison population to go down but ‘for the right reasons’

Pressure grows on the Government over internet grooming 'loophole'

Hundreds of offences are recorded every year in Scotland, it is revealed - but a long-promised law in England and Wales has still not been introduced.