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Dislike of Corbyn to blame for Labour's election disaster, poll finds

Leader seen as weak, indecisive, unpatriotic, ‘stuck in the past’ and apparently sympathetic to terrorists

Robert Maclennan: Last SDP leader who oversaw transition to Lib Dems

A one-time Labour MP and minister, Maclennan campaigned for the creation of the Scottish parliament and advocated constitutional reform

More than 1,800 spending Christmas in immigration detention centres

Opposition figures call on Boris Johnson’s government to introduce 28-day limit on length of time asylum seekers and others can be detained

Johnson under fire for nearly 20 per cent increase in special advisers

Across all government departments there are now 108 advisers – compared with 99 last year

At this rate, it will be 2100 before we have a Lib Dem government

There was no need to agree to this early general election – and was no demand for the extreme and undemocratic Brexit policy it fought it with

Brexit to happen within weeks as Johnson wins landslide victory

Johnson declares his 'work will begin today' as Corbyn promises to stand down as Labour leader and Jo Swinson loses seat

The different strategies being used to fight the election on Facebook

The Tactical Voting Blog: The parties are taking different approaches to Facebook targeted adverts

Will this election be the beginning of the end for the war on drugs?

Rarely do politicians act ahead of public opinion so we all have to consider how radical we are willing to be on this issue