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Chuka Umunna: Why I should have joined the Lib Dems straight away

"There's only space for one main centre-ground proposition"

How the European elections did for the pro-Europe MPs of Change UK

It is a pity that the talented Change UK MPs didn’t join the Lib Dems straight away, and negotiate their way in from a position of (relative) strength

Change UK on verge of splitting ahead of crisis meeting

Key individuals are expected to leave breakaway centrist party - after internal rows

Political reality has made the Lib Dems the Remain party

The campaign for a second vote on leaving the EU has galvanised millions – now let’s bring that energy to the ballot box

British Steel is the canary in the coal mine

Many other firms face same danger because of Brexit and loss of European customers who are uncertain about future trading relations

Rachel Johnson to stand as MEP candidate for Change UK

She joins new candidates for the European election campaign, including former BBC journalist Gavin Esler and former Tory minister Stephen Dorrell

Johnson as prime minister would ‘make Tory MPs defect to Change UK’

‘That would potentially be the end of the road for a number of Tory MPs’, predicts Heidi Allen – as Conservatives manoeuvre against Theresa May