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Help for 'Tory Brexit' will keep Corbyn out of power, Lewis warns

Shadow treasury minister and Final Say backer Clive Lewis breaks ranks to warn Labour leader: 'We should not be helping to deliver Brexit'

What if Nick Clegg had gone into coalition with Labour in 2010?

As we approach another point in our country’s history when the choices made by a few will be momentous, John Rentoul reimagines one of contemporary politics’ biggest hinge moments

May set to be forced to reveal secret legal advice on Irish backstop

Labour 'humble address' poised to pass in the Commons later today – after Speaker rules out compromise to release a summary only

Grammar schools are 'state-sponsored segregation', Lib Dems say

'Creaming off the middle classes is demonstrably stifling social mobility for those worse off'

No-deal likely to plunge Britain into recession, Vince Cable warns

Exclusive: Sir Vince also maintains it is still ‘plausible’ he could become prime minister, despite already announcing his intention to resign as Lib Dem leader

A deal with Labour could save the Lib Dems from extinction

The Lib Dems and Labour would not put energy and resources into the seats where the other party has a chance of beating the Tories 

Lib Dem MP tables new law to make 'upskirting' a criminal offence

Wera Hobhouse receives cross-party support for proposal to make ‘disgusting and degrading’ act illegal