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Tom Watson urges Jeremy Corbyn to give full backing to Final Say

‘The majority of Labour MPs want a change of position and they want it soon’

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Editorial Labour could back Remain, but the real solution is a Final Say

The electorate, now that it sees what Brexit means, is coming to the conclusion that a soft Brexit is not something they especially want – it is the worst of all worlds

MPs may have run out of chances to block no deal, says senior Tory MP

‘I have really struggled very hard to think of every available opportunity and I can’t currently think of any more’

MPs lose vote in bid to prevent future Tory PM forcing no-deal Brexit

Corbyn could be heard admonishing Tory MPs: ‘You won’t be cheering in September’

Labour suspends official over antisemitism comments

MPs branded left-winger Pete Willsman’s comments ‘grotesque’ and said he should be ejected from the party

Labour peer claims £50,000 in expenses despite never speaking in Lords

‘Not all work members undertake is visible – much is done behind the scenes,’ says House of Lords

Brexit Party overtakes Tories in general election poll

Labour would get a 10 point boost in Euro elections if they pledged a second referendum

Corbyn urges voters to ‘come together to oppose far right’

Labour leader compares far-right ‘propaganda’ in EU election to Nazis in 1930s