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Baroness Falkender, political secretary to Harold Wilson

She was the Labour prime minister’s private and political secretary throughout his terms in office

MPs 'change the way they vote on Brexit' out of fear for their safety

'It's really important that political leaders stand up and say we are not going to accept these threats of violence and intimidation'

MPs should approve Theresa May’s deal – subject to a new referendum

Two Labour MPs are planning to table a Brexit compromise in the House of Commons 

Vince Cable claims there is ‘real chance’ of Labour MPs breaking away

'I think when the Brexit issue is resolved one way or another, I think they will reconsider their position in the Labour Party'

Theresa May given boost with seven point Tory poll lead

Public approval of Labour leader’s handling of Brexit falls to new low

Theresa May survives no confidence vote brought by Jeremy Corbyn

PM manages to cling to office once more, as parliament voted by 325 to 306 not to kick off a chain of events that could have led to a general election