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Clever kitchen makeover ideas for all budgets

Entries flooded in for the first Evening Standard Home Design Awards, given in five categories of Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Garden, for the best designs of the past 12 months. 

Bait and traps are what keep the ants away for good

Ants are a pesky menace that seem to always come back just as strong. With the fear of harmful chemicals, Jeanne Huber recommends a less harmful and messy alternative to keeping the insects away for good

How to style your houseplants: From terrariums to hanging planters

 The humble houseplant offers health benefits, calming credentials and down-right Instagramability from your bedroom to your kitchen – turning your home into a summery enclave in the run up to the festive period

Three quarters admit they do not have ‘dream kitchen' in new poll

Most would hope for a freestanding island, sleek pull-out cabinets and smart dishwasher

Chefs reveal near death experiences in the kitchen

'I permanently damaged my lung while syphoning consommé'