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Boris Johnson to hold daily coronavirus press conferences

Weekend of confusion over plan to order over-70s to self-quarantine for their own good


Andrew Grice Labour can only make progress if it fights the enemy in front of it

The opposition needs to ask itself this question, writes Andrew Grice: what if voters do believe austerity is over, and think Johnson does head the ‘new government’ he trumpets?

Keir Starmer will win the Labour leadership, but faces a big problem

If he sticks to the 2019 programme, he risks a further lethal defeat at the hands of the Tories come 2024

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Adam Forrest Inside Politics: No 10 ridicules EU’s red lines ahead of trade talks

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Rebecca Long-Bailey is right – Labour should expel transphobes

To those who’ve signed the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights's pledges to support a much-maligned minority, and to resist those who seek to malign us: thank you

Starmer urges PM not to abolish aid department in reshuffle

Prime minister planning to ‘blood’ new generation of female Tory talent

Starmer says he's working class – he doesn't look like it to me

The Labour leadership frontrunner seems like a sensible choice. If you were a divorced woman, he'd be the man all your friends were telling you was ‘a catch’