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Louis Theroux makes new admission about Jimmy Savile

Theroux says he still thinks his 2000 film ‘holds up’ despite failing to reveal decades of alleged sexual abuse against the entertainer

Football sex abuse scandal could be worse than Jimmy Savile case

At least 860 calls have already been made to the NSPCC in a week after it set up a hotline for victims of sex abuse in football

Not all buildings with horrible histories should be erased

When a building becomes known for the horrifying acts that happened there, it makes sense to want to see it erased. But as Ana Souto writes, that shouldn’t always be the case

The five senior BBC employees who knew about Savile but did not act

Dame Janet Smith's report highlighted five individuals who 'could have done something about Savile and Stuart Hall'

Savile 'raped boy of 10 and assaulted girl, 12, at TOPT studios'

Report into BBC culture finds flagship music programme was effectively a 'picking-up' opportunity for predators