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‘Embarrassing’ for a man to win Labour leadership, says Phillips

Men should sometimes ‘pass the mic’ if they truly believe in gender equality, says candidate

Why people are joining Labour to vote in the leadership contest

Five days into the new year, 52-year-old Juliette Williams submitted an application to join Labour, a party she has supported for most of her adult life, for the first time. The self-declared fan of the former leader John Smith – the “greatest prime minister we never had” – said she was active in politics and the trade union movement during the Eighties and Nineties. 

Thornberry 'confident' of staying in Labour leadership contest

Contenders to succeed Jeremy Corbyn need backing of 22 party MPs or MEPs by Monday to stay in the race 

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Editorial Jess Phillips’ entry into the Labour race will spark a vigorous debate

There is a plank to her platform about which she is not forthcoming, but which is important: she is the candidate of a clean break with Corbynism

Keir Starmer is likely to win, because politics is boring again

In government and in opposition, it will be the dull who prevail. Labour members probably think the time has come to return to the old-fashioned virtues of experience, competence and being good at the job

Jess Phillips and Lisa Nandy launch campaigns to be Labour leader

Both appeal to restore trust as MPs mark third and fourth candidates to enter race

Ukip's Carl Benjamin banned by cathedral from EU election hustings

Authorities accused of ‘hating freedom of speech and interfering in election by de-platforming people’

Election hustings cancelled over Carl Benjamin safety fears

'We believe it presents too high a security risk for us to hold the event on this campus,' UWE officials say