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Who will be in Starmer’s shadow cabinet?

A large clear out of Jeremy Corbyn’s defeated and demoralised top team appears certain

Jess Phillips accidentally made clear why Labour is doomed

In quitting the leadership race, she said Labour needs a leader that can ‘unite all parts’ of the party, even those who are, even now, still desperate to lose

Nandy says voters found prospect of Labour government ‘frightening’

Contender insists she would be ‘the braver, rather than easier option’ as leadership race enters second round

Five candidates in Labour leadership race as Thornberry wins backing

Shadow foreign secretary grabs her vital 22nd nomination from a party MP – as the deadline loomed

Thornberry starts legal action against Flint for ‘stupid voters’ claim

Labour’s woes deepen with extraordinary spectacle of one senior party figure suing another

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Matthew Norman Jess Phillips would be a gamble for Labour – and it would pay off

She may not be a favourite among those further to the left of the party, but if the membership chooses a torchbearer for the flame extinguished on Thursday, it will be jumping on the pyre