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MPs must decide on May’s deal, not follow leaders, poll says

Exclusive: Two-thirds of people want MPs to have a ‘free vote’ in parliament when the opportunity comes up over the next few weeks

Jeremy Corbyn to visit Brussels for Brexit talks

Labour leader expected to meet EU chiefs after they welcomed his proposals

Help for 'Tory Brexit' will keep Corbyn out of power, Lewis warns

Shadow treasury minister and Final Say backer Clive Lewis breaks ranks to warn Labour leader: 'We should not be helping to deliver Brexit'

Jeremy Corbyn cannot afford half measures against antisemitism

Mr Corbyn continues to try to keep both sides of his party together, while pleasing neither

Here’s the crucial flaw in Jeremy Corbyn’s £10 minimum wage

Given how suspiciously round Corbyn’s number is, a cynic might think it was plucked out of the air, rather than being economically researched

Abbott: Labour has war chest ready to fund a snap general election

Exclusive: 'We have a lot of money put to one side in the event of a general election, we are general election-ready'

Labour MPs urge Corbyn to prove party has acted on antisemitism

MPs have tabled a motion warning Labour risks appearing 'institutionally antisemitic’ if issue is not addressed