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Starmer clears leadership hurdle with union nomination

Shadow Brexit secretary is first hopeful to make it onto final ballot paper in race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn

Whoever succeeds Tony Hall will have to save the BBC from destruction

For the first time in its long history, it is no longer unthinkable that a government could cancel the Beeb's Royal Charter. We are, after all, taking about Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings

Momentum said it believed in grassroots democracy. Not anymore

This version Corbynism resembles a kind of left-wing Blairism: good at knocking on doors and parachuting candidates, but bad at building a mass movement worthy of the name

Tom Watson to publish novel about 'ambition and betrayal' in politics

Former deputy Labour leader said his book will introduce readers to ‘the heroes and villains engaged in a struggle for fame, power and revenge’

Starmer takes big early lead among MPs in Labour leadership race

Shadow Brexit Secretary has already secured 23 nominations – enough to put him on the ballot paper

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Adam Forrest Inside Politics: Labour MPs hold love-in, as Iran war fears grow

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