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Boris Johnson could be out of the job within months

To stop a no-deal Brexit, the House of Commons could begin by deposing Johnson and installing a caretaker prime minister, and it's unlikely to be Corbyn

Government dismisses calls for release of no-deal Brexit assessments

Corbyn says claims that leaked dossier warning of no-deal chaos is outdated ‘can’t be trusted’

UK Politics
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Ashley Cowburn MPs fear time is running out to stop a national emergency

Politicians fear they are running out of time to block a disastrous withdrawal from the EU, and it doesn’t look like Downing Street will budge, says Ashley Cowburn

The Lib Dems would rather burn than let Corbyn douse the flames

Maybe they’re worried that during his few days as prime minister, he’d sneak off in the night and make Britain part of Palestine

Lib Dems dismiss Corbyn caretaker PM plan as 'nonsense'

Conservative MP breaks ranks to support plan as Brexit crisis continues

Johnson’s government ‘most unpopular new administration in 40 years’

New Tory leader also has lower approval rating than any recent PM during first days in office, according to survey

Thornberry says Labour would be 'off our rockers' not to back Remain

Position conflicts with Jeremy Corbyn who declined to say how Labour would campaign in a referendum if in government