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Labour on brink of civil war over Corbyn successor

Rebecca Long-Bailey makes early running in the succession race

Politics explained

Sean O'Grady Who are the real winners and losers from the general election?

From the BBC’s Andrew Neil and Laura Kuenssberg to Len McCluskey and the DUP – who has fared best and worst, asks Sean O'Grady, after weeks of intense campaigning

The lessons Labour and the Lib Dems should learn from Tony Blair

 Successful Labour leaders win by becoming in effect leader of the Liberal Democrats too, writes Andrew Adonis

Labour's working class voters are now Hove baristas

The people of Blyth decided to confirm their distaste for the establishment by putting their trust in common folk who understand what it’s like to live in an former shipyard town – people like Jacob ‘always drilling a rivet’ Rees-Mogg

British Muslims ‘fear for their future’ under Conservatives

Johnson’s party ‘must start healing its relationship’ with Islam, says Baroness Warsi

How will the general election affect Brexit?

Pre-Christmas snap poll taking place as political turmoil deepens

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Adam Forrest Inside Politics: Voters head to the polls after final pitches

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