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Grassroots Tories boycott campaign for European elections

Local Conservative group takes extraordinary step of refusing to help with the 23 May poll – insisting it 'should not be happening'

How would a Final Say referendum happen?

Analysis: As Labour members overwhelmingly back another referendum, chief political commentator John Rentoul looks at the path to a public vote on Brexit

What will MPs get up to during their Easter recess?

Political life goes on when Commons is not sitting, but at a slower pace

Customs union would leave UK 'stuck in worst of both worlds', says Fox

'As the saying in Brussels goes, if you are not at the table, you are on the menu,' says Dr Fox

David Gauke accepts second referendum amendment ‘inevitable’

Justice secretary David Gauke also says ‘too early’ to tell whether Jeremy Corbyn-Theresa May talks will produce an agreement

Chancellor says second Brexit referendum is 'perfectly credible'

Hammond appears to exert pressure on May, saying a new referendum 'deserves to be tested in parliament'

MPs back emergency bill to delay Brexit by one vote - live

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