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Far-right security guard jailed for collecting bomb and murder manuals

Pawel‌ ‌Golaszewski‌ had a stash of knives and had looked into obtaining a gun

Boris Johnson says Muslims make ‘huge contribution to Britain’

‘Conciliatory’ message comes amid continued controversy over prime minister’s remarks about Muslim women

Why has the government delayed efforts to tackle Islamophobia head-on?

After years of contesting the need for any definition of Islamophobia, the government has been brow-beaten into commissioning its own review

Morrissey praised by far-right party leader for 'support'

Controversial singer caught the attention of notorious far-right politician Anne Marie Waters

'Anti-Islam' stickers featuring crusader figure investigated by police

Officers reverse course and are now treating stickers' presence as possible hate crime

Birmingham mosque attacks prompt terror investigation by police

Four mosques targeted as police call for community to unite ‘against those who seek to create discord’

Tory councillor suspended for retweeting pro-Tommy Robinson readmitted

Andrew Bowles claims he was 'supporting the process of free speech'