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Two-thirds of Tory members believe UK areas ‘under sharia law’

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt urged to combat ‘Islamophobia crisis’ in party 

'Anti-Islam' stickers featuring crusader figure investigated by police

Officers reverse course and are now treating stickers' presence as possible hate crime

Tory Party faces 110 allegations of Islamophobia and racism

Baroness Warsi says number of cases shows ‘the party has got something to hide’

Government adviser claims George Soros running ‘empire’ in Hungary

Sir Roger Scruton removed as housing tsar over ‘unacceptable’ comments that Labour says ‘invoke the language of white supremacists’

Children should be taught about the law on equal rights

The sensible way forward is to open a dialogue with protesters against teaching about LGBT+ rights in Birmingham schools 

Lecturer who tweeted ‘Islamophobic and sexist’ comments leaves role

The University of Lincoln lecturer complained about feminist essays and blamed Muslims for terror attacks

Tommy Robinson supporters send racist abuse to personal trainer

Exclusive: ‘It has made me feel paranoid and worried. When I leave work, there could be anyone there. If they are carrying a weapon to slash my tyres – what are they capable of?’ says Bianca Jade