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US drone strike ‘kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan’

‘The workers had lit a bonfire and were sitting together when they were targeted,’ says tribal elder

The Fourth Afghan War is about to escalate

Ever since their migration from Iraq and Syria, Isis has become Washington’s target-of-choice in Afghanistan. And the Taliban – believe it or not – are America’s new best friend

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Lizzie Dearden Why revoking Isis fighters’ citizenship puts Britain at risk

Analysis: A government-commissioned report warned it could be an ‘ineffective and counter-productive weapon against terrorism’, Lizzie Dearden writes

The US is quietly waging war in Somalia – and Trump has made it worse

After all, the militant groups al-Shabaab and the Islamic State in Somalia (ISS) pose no threat to the US. They’re actually fighting each other. But apparently the president hasn’t grasped that

Inside the hunt for Iraq’s looted treasures

Decades of war and instability made Iraq a thief’s paradise. Richard Hall meets the archaeologists fighting to retrieve their country’s treasure

Jihadi Jack’s father told police his son ‘wouldn’t hurt a tree’

Parents accused of funding terror initially claimed ‘personable’ teenager had not joined militants

On the front lines in Libya’s latest war, a proxy battle rages

The Battle for Tripoli: In Libya’s capital, Borzou Daragahi finds a city caught between warring factions, and their international backers