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Editors' letters

Sean O'Grady Journalists are savouring this Christmas – next year’s is cancelled

With the end of the initial transition period set to 31 December 2020, the festive period will be put on hold for newsrooms up and down the country

Johnson hints new Brexit proposals to be kept secret ‘until deal done’

Prime minister also refuses, seven times, to say how he will defy the law to avoid a Halloween crash-out – declining to rule out taking parliament to court

Johnson barracked by protesters as EU says no progress towards deal

'It is the UK's responsibility to come forward with legally operational solutions' but 'such proposals have not yet been made' Brussels warns

Boris Johnson recklessly picks at the scabs of Ireland’s violent past

The prime minister’s visit to Belfast this week reveals once again the mixture of frivolity and ignorance with which the Brexiteers approach the border problem

Ireland is not to blame for the disaster of Brexit

A vicious, coordinated assault on Ireland will not distract from the reckless path Boris Johnson and his allies are pursuing

May makes last minute dash to Strasbourg to secure new Brexit deal

Theresa May has left London for Strasbourg in a bid to secure a last minute change to her Brexit deal, ahead of a critical vote tomorrow.

May to fly to Strasbourg in last-ditch bid for Brexit breakthrough

Dublin reveals trip, but plays down talk of breakthrough – saying prime minister will 'try to finalise an agreement if that’s possible'