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Tim Cook defends decision to remove Hong Kong protest app

Company has received sustained criticism for appearing to align with Chinese government

iPhone 11 Pro includes mysterious new 'U1' chip

'It's going to lead to amazing new capabilities

How Apple’s new iPhones compare to the competition

Apple's new smartphone enters a crowded market full of high-end Android devices

Apple launches new way to get iPhones fixed

Big or small independent companies will now be able to fix phones using the same tools as at the Apple Store

Apple releases strange new iPhone update

Unusual launch could suggest that features will be missing from new software

Business Comment

James Moore Has Apple lost its lustre?

Inside Business: CEO Tim Cook said claims the design guru’s move was a long time coming are ‘absurd’

Jony Ive’s departure is a sign Apple is losing its lustre

As hardware takes a backseat and design becomes less important, can the company keep up?