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New iPhone to bring 5G and faster internet in 2020, report says

Mobile operators are already switching on 5G networks

Inside Apple’s top secret test labs where iPhone defences are forged

UK exclusive: In a never-before-seen look at its privacy work, Andrew Griffin assesses criticism that the tech giant’s data security techniques limit the benefits of its products to the rich

Huawei boss admits he buys iPhones for his family

'One can't narrowly think love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones'

Live News

Apple announces brand new products at momentous event

Apple has launched a whole host of new services, intended to make more money from the people who have already bought its products.

Apple reveals new News+ service to let people subscribe to magazines

Company discussed the importance of journalism as it brings new services to iPhones and iPads

Apple has more than cheaper iPhones up its sleeve as investors dig in

Cutting the price of Apple's signature product in some market is a sensible move by CEO Tim Cook, but it may not stem the tide of falling sales. Even though the outlook for the tech giant is unusually cloudy, shareholders are still finding reasons for optimism

iPhone price to be reduced in many countries, Apple says

The cost of gadgets has surged as the dollar has strengthened