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How virtual reality can help you avoid costly home renovation mistakes

Visualisation technology takes the terror out of making a big home design decision.

Kevin McCloud reveals what's next for self-built town of Graven Hill

The experimental project is 10 years in the making and took five years to film. So, what's next for the UK's largest self-built town?

New IKEA X Sonos smart speakers are hidden within a lamp and a shelf

IKEA has applied some Scandi styling to Sonos' easy-to-use wireless speakers which will be available from August.

The best spring candles, diffusers and room sprays for your home

Whether you're looking for soft, subtle scents or dramatic, bold blends, these spring home fragrances have every preference covered.

How one couple brought their former LA lifestyle to their Surrey home

After years working in Los Angeles, this couple tore down all but two walls of a Victorian cottage in Surrey and recreated the inside-outside Californian lifestyle they had grown to love.

The storage solutions that will help you Marie Kondo your home

Marie Kondo’s Netflix series ‘Tidy Up with Marie Kondo’ has divided viewers' opinions but there's no denying her decluttering tips can be inspiring. But where to keep all those items that do spark joy? 

11 best desktop picture frames

Spice up your working space with our top pick