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Greta Thunberg condemns ‘unlawful’ police ban on Extinction Rebellion

‘If standing up for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken,’ says teenager

What the likely EU chief should have said to win the green vote

Ursula von der Leyen’s political roots have hindered her ability to fully embrace the social and economic change Europe needs. But if she follows this advice, she could transform the EU

Anti-Brexit parties take step towards ‘Remain alliance’ with new group

Exclusive: Heidi Allen to lead new 'Unite to Remain' organisation designed to help pro-EU parties work together to win seats

I’m standing to be an MEP because voters deserve better than Brexit

European Elections 2019: meet the candidates in this month’s fractious vote

Gove hints May will pull Brexit vote to avoid crushing defeat

'We will reflect over the course of the next few days,' environment secretary says - adding 'I think the prime minister will be prime minister next Tuesday'

Disabled 85-year-old woman dragged across busy road by police

Exclusive: Anne Power accuses Lancashire police of 'utter viciousness' over incident that left her 'fuming'