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Labour needs to do something radical to win – work with other parties

How could Remainers ever counter the simple ‘Get Brexit Done’ message when it looked like the parties would continue to argue under a rainbow coalition?

Bailing out Flybe would be an act of climate vandalism

If this government is serious about being a world leader on climate action, giving handouts to one of the country’s dirtiest industries simply isn’t an option

Only the Green Party will rewrite the social contract with our young

We must remember that the privileges baby boomers enjoyed – free education, affordable housing, a less volatile environment – were in fact rights. We can win them back. 

I was ready to vote Labour no matter what - now I've changed my mind

An open letter to me in the New Statesman has made me think again about my support for Labour. Jeremy Corbyn's inability to stamp out antisemitism in the party cannot be ignored

Greta Thunberg condemns ‘unlawful’ police ban on Extinction Rebellion

‘If standing up for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken,’ says teenager

Green party proposes radical use for £6.5bn new road-building fund

Exclusive: ‘Road building generates more car journeys, creating a vicious cycle. This money would be much better spent on reducing CO2 emissions’

Conservatives and Labour hit hard in EU election rout

Tories suffer worst national election result in history, while Jeremy Corbyn’s allies push for second referendum

I’m standing to be an MEP because voters deserve better than Brexit

European Elections 2019: meet the candidates in this month’s fractious vote