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Johnson may 'declare no confidence in himself' to force no-deal Brexit

Nick Boles fears ruse is way to suspend parliament for general election – to be held after UK has crashed out of EU

Caroline Lucas’s all-women fantasy cabinet is desperate politics

However risible they are, the Leavers have a simple plan that they are executing to perfection. The Green Party leader’s bizarre response shows the Remain side is losing

Zac Goldsmith heckled and booed at Glastonbury

The Conservative MP was confronted with a banner reading 'Tory policy kills'

How the BBC lets down Green voters – and fails democracy

People have a right to see and hear from the people they voted for, and for those they say they intend to vote for

Green Party promises to be ‘tough on Brexit and causes of Brexit’

Party leaders predict ‘best election ever’ following success in local polls earlier this month

Tories and Labour suffer Brexit fallout as voters turn elsewhere

Early results indicate the Lib Dems and Greens could benefit from voter dissatisfaction with the two biggest parties

All of Germany's Muslim MPs voted in favour of same-sex marriage

Angela Merkel has faced criticism for opposing the bill and announcing 'marriage is between a man and a woman'

The Tories' emotional attachment to Trident has to end

This week, more than 120 countries are gathered at the United Nations to agree a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Theresa May, true to form, has not even bothered to turn up and the UK will, shamefully, have no official representative. Meanwhile, we know that Trident does nothing to protect us from modern threats