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I didn’t care about cakes – next thing I knew, I’d won Bake Off

We were all pretty useless at first, floundering around like a bunch of toddlers suddenly give permission to play in a real kitchen – but then something changed

Great British Bake Off contestants reunite for Martha's wedding

‘We had the whole Bake Off family there to celebrate!’

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The biggest talking points from Bake Off's vegan week

From Kim-Joy's foxy friends to a dramatic cake collapse

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Great British Bake Off – Pastry Week, as it happened

Briony triumphed as Star Baker thanks to her showstopping pie, while Dan left the tent following a few timing mishaps

Is there a place for silicone in the baking world?

There’s a range of utensils on the market that boast of providing the perfect bake. Julia Platt Leonard sorts out the star bakers from the technically challenged

Great British Bake Off episode 8 review

Bakes were dropped, an oven was broken and Prue and Paul received a modern food education from Liam