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Country arrests half of its traffic police

PM says investigation shows country has ‘functioning force’

Eighty people charged over online romance scam targeting women

The operation defrauded victims of millions through romance and business schemes

Former SNP MP jailed for embezzling more than £25,000

Natalie McGarry splashed stolen money on rent, a holiday to Spain, transfers to her husband and other lifestyle spending, court hears

Man who posed as Saudi royal jailed for £6.3m fraud

Anthony Gignac referred to himself as 'sultan' and travelled in private jets with fake diplomatic papers

Will you commit fraud in 2019?

Thousands risk serious long-term consequences by fiddling insurance paperwork

'Dine-and-dash' dater jailed for leaving restaurants without paying

'He doesn’t have to worry about any meals now; he’s gonna get three square meals a day'