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Identity fraud in UK at record high as number of cases surges

More than 33,000 over-60s fall victim; plastic card scams rise 41% from 2017 

Fraudster posing as Jason Statham cons bereaved woman out of thousands

Conman pretending to be ‘Fast & Furious’ star claims film payment delayed

TSB becomes first bank to offer ‘refund guarantee’ to all fraud victim

Customers can claim back money where scammers have convinced them to authorise a payment from their account

Eccentric computer genius jailed after inventing credit fraud machine

‘Audacious criminal’ created device that could impersonate banks and alter his voice, police say

'Despicably greedy' care home owner jailed for stealing millions

David Barton found guilty of dishonestly taking more than £4m from victims

Couple jailed for posing as Grenfell victims to claim £125,000

Elaine Douglas and Tommy Brooks stayed in hotels for almost a year and used pre-paid credit cards by pretending to be survivors