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The Brexit debate does not end with our departure from the EU

Editorial: The prospect of a significant US-UK trade deal being completed within a mere five years seems over-optimistic at best, at worst a folly of magical thinking

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Matthew Norman The progressive European future we crave isn’t dead yet

If one goal is returning to the European Union – and for many of us it certainly is – that will take years and a radical shift on both sides

25 seats where tactical voting could help deliver Brexit referendum

New campaign urges Remain supporters to make their votes count, as record numbers sign up for 12 December poll

Let me answer all your questions about tactical voting

‘This isn’t a normal election. Brexit sits like an incubus on its back’

How society treats its young defines us. Boris is selling ours short

When I was growing up there was a sense the generations were all in it together and, like resting boats, would rise together when the tide came. Now society has stopped listening to its young – and Boris Johnson has punched a hole in their hull

Labour MPs free to campaign for Leave or Remain in EU referendum

Shadow chancellor refuses to say which side he will back but says he will not follow Jeremy Corbyn in staying neutral

More than 390,000 sign letter demanding Final Say referendum on Brexit

‘Please do not turn your back on this last chance to stop us turning in on ourselves’