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After two decades of protests around the world, what’s next?

It’s clear – with a climate emergency and a brewing global financial crisis – we’re living in an unprecedented moment, writes Feyzi Ismail

Trump invites far-right social media figures to White House summit

Guests at 'digital leaders summit' include online supporters who lionise US president 

Far-right British group invited to speak at Russian parliament

Special parliamentary session brought together far-right politicians from across the globe

Why do we keep letting Jacob Rees-Mogg off?

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Dear conservatives, as a Muslim I feel your pain after Christchurch

I know it’s not easy to see your beliefs hijacked by terrorists. It has been happening to me my entire adult life. And even now, I struggle to know how to react

'Neo-Nazis' hold hands in court after banned terror group charge

West Yorkshire pair among five arrested by counterterrorism police

Brazil's presidential frontrunner stabbed at campaign rally

Congressman dubbed 'Brazil's Donald Trump' left fighting for life after attack in street