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Far-right condemned as Germany struggles against extremism

German authorities urged to pay 'more than lip service' to fighting racism 

Migrant, lawyer, fighter: The many faces of Austria’s justice minister

Alma Zadic arrived in Vienna from Bosnia when she was 10. Now, she is the justice minister in an awkward coalition of liberal Greens and hardline anti-immigrant conservatives. Katrin Bennhold meets her

A half-naked Salvini is going up against Italy's timid professor

The media was awash last week with the nationalist leader’s beach tour around Italy; and a flurry of selfies with the grinning, shirtless deputy prime minister flooded Twitter

How the media blamed two non-existent ‘North Africans' for a murder

In a matter of hours, two US American students were charged, but it didn't matter. The far-right had already fed their fabrications to the mainstream until it was no longer clear what was true and what was fake

A ‘feminist’ group has got everything wrong about Dutch sex workers

It’s a matter of virtue disguised as concern, driven by people who champion causes they don’t understand

Europe's emboldened far-right is dragging us back to dead ideologies

The European Parliament vote is a chance for left-wing politicians to offer an alternative vision. They have one month.

Marine Le Pen rejects court-ordered psychiatric test

'I'd like to see how the judge would try and force me do it', says former presidential candidate

Crowds march through German city demanding 'National Socialism now'

Arrest of Afghan men over death sparks fresh wave of anti-migrant protests