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Bermuda land snail comes 'back from the dead'

Species thought to be extinct until man walks into office holding empty shell 

The loneliest frog in the world has finally found a mate

'This first date is a significant chapter in what we hope will be a long story with a happy future for the Sehuencas water frog'

David Attenborough to present 'urgent' new BBC film on climate change

Broadcaster has called climate change humanity's 'greatest threat' in thousands of years

Extinction mystery deepens after discovery of dinosaur-era bird fossil

Analysis of perfectly intact Mirarce eatoni reveals that it was just as well adapted to flight as modern birds, prompting questions about why it was wiped out

Climate protesters chain themselves together at energy department HQ

Activists arrested as campaign of 'non-violent direct action rebellion' begins

Bananas could face extinction due to spread of deadly fungus

One of the world's most-loved fruits is once again under threat

New species discovered every two days in Amazon

‘There is a real risk that at the rate at which the Amazon is changing many species may become extinct before we have had a chance to find them’