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Dozens of bee species extinct or on verge of disappearing across UK

‘Many are battling to keep up with the changing face of their landscape and increasingly hot weather’

Hundreds of mutilated dolphins discovered piled up on French beach

Trawlers believed to slaughter up to 10,000 of the mammals each year - more than those in Taiji and the Faroes combined

Why extinct species seem to be returning from the dead

It is time for a rethink on how we determine whether a species has been wiped out, asks David Roberts

Brown hares face extinction after deaths identified as myxomatosis

Experts fear deadly infection has jumped from rabbits to their threatened cousins

Ben Fogle calls for business big beasts to avert wildlife extinctions

TV conservationist pleads with world leaders to tackle threats urgently in preparation for Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference this week

How llamas conquered the world

They survived the pressures of globalisation, demographic catastrophe and emerged as an international animal, loved, farmed and traded around the world

Falling sperm counts could cause 'extinction of the human species'

'Eventually we may have a problem,' says lead researcher of study finding sperm counts among men living in the West are down nearly 60% in 40 years