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The UK cannot expect the EU or the US to be friendly over trade

Far from having our trade-related cake and eating it under Brexit, we may well end up with no cake at all

What does the new agricultural bill hold for British farmers?

The massive shift in policy away the EU Common Agricultural Policy’s direct payments is coming in the post-Brexit world, and Judith Tsouvalis and Ruth Little examine what exactly that would mean

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Andrew Grice Witness to History: Cameron’s EU veto, 2011

Andrew Grice on the biggest story he’s covered in 37 years as a political journalist

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Sean O'Grady Why no-deal Brexit is back on the table now

There are plenty of hurdles before Britain manages to leave the EU with a deal, writes Sean O'Grady

Tomorrow will be the most momentous day in peacetime politics

Pro-European MPs are still finalising their plans. One idea is to reject the deal until and unless legislation passes; another is to fight for a referendum tomorrow. But whatever precise mechanism is decided, we must stop the deal

Boris Johnson got his bad Brexit deal – now parliament must reject it

There will be many attempts to paint the agreement as superior to Theresa May's, and one that achieves all the objectives of all concerned, as if by magic. In reality, it is the kind of hard Brexit once staunchly dismissed


No deal does not mean ‘never deal’ – the squabbling must end

Editorial: The only positive thing that can be said about Boris Johnson’s latest missive regarding the Irish backstop is that it is well written. We know it will go unheeded, so what is there left for the European leaders to discuss?

Croatian diplomat suspended over Facebook post about ‘white Europeans’

Elizabeta Madjarevic will face disciplinary proceedings in Croatia