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UK government advises against global travel with ‘immediate effect'

Anyone venturing abroad should be ‘fully aware of the increased risks – and that includes the risk that they will not be able to get home’

Johnson branded ‘inept’ over father’s coronavirus message

Stanley Johnson passed on expression of concern from Chinese ambassador

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Adam Forrest Inside Politics: Boris Johnson face races against time on terror law

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Labour leadership candidates clash over antisemitism

‘I don’t remember some of the people here being in that particular room or being in those particular fights,’ says Phillips

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Labour’s prospective leaders now face their toughest ever test

Editorial: They’ll be grilled about the NHS, Trident, economics, drugs, and their working class credentials, all while battling to make their party look credible again

Corbyn’s failure to fight Brexit contributed to election loss – Lewis

‘On the biggest political crisis of British modern politics we were unable, via Jeremy, to be able to take a position’

Long Bailey set to enter Labour race but faces challenge from Lavery

Shadow business secretary to champion ‘progressive patriotism’, but avoids criticism of Jeremy Corbyn or his handling of antisemitism