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Jo Swinson must not ease up on the campaign for a Final Say referendum

Editorial: The question is how to resolve the Brexit deadlock, and The Independent believes that a new referendum is the only way


The opponents of a no-deal Brexit must stay united

Editorial: The resignations of Ruth Davidson and George Young show that the prime minister’s underhand abuse of the royal prerogative has put Conservative unity under further strain


Boris Johnson is right to focus on investment outside the southeast

Much of what he said in his speech, including about the importance of buses, could have been said by Jeremy Corbyn and indeed has been. There is nothing wrong with consensus on the right questions


A Boris Johnson cabinet of only true believers is asking for trouble

Johnson is poised to name Priti Patel as home secretary, Iain Duncan Smith as chief whip and Geoffrey Cox to an EU ‘negotiating role’ if not Brexit secretary

Child poverty is a threat to the stability of the nation

The popularity of Nigel Farage and his various populist vehicles in recent years amply demonstrates the detrimental effects of inequality

It is the country’s future that matters, not the prime minister’s

Brexit is obviously important, but it seems clearer now that the only way it will be resolved is through a fresh referendum

Donald Trump may have met his match in Nancy Pelosi

She is a skilful politician, she is resistant to Mr Trump’s bullying, and will treat his angry tweets with the contempt they so richly deserve. She is, to borrow a fashionable phrase, a grown-up in the room

Britain needs honesty about the hard choices for its rail network

The public are waiting on a freezing platform, trying to get to work, not eagerly anticipating some years-away infrastructure mega project