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Editorial We are a little wiser now about the Labour leadership contenders

Editorial: We asked all three candidates to write for The Independent, setting out why they should be leader of the opposition

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Editorial The ‘northern powerhouse’ has to be more than a slogan

Editorial: It will take more than cheap talk about holding a meeting of the cabinet in Sunderland to prove the prime minister’s dedication to levelling up the region

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Editorial The thirst for tactical voting makes the case for electoral reform

One voter in three is prepared to cast a vote to try to stop an outcome they dislike. We’re all in favour of people exercising their rights intelligently, but this is no way to run a democracy

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A ban on fracking gets the climate-crisis election off to a good start

Editorial: We promised to cover issues of substance in this election campaign, and none is more important than the effort to avert climate disaster


A Boris Johnson cabinet of only true believers is asking for trouble

Johnson is poised to name Priti Patel as home secretary, Iain Duncan Smith as chief whip and Geoffrey Cox to an EU ‘negotiating role’ if not Brexit secretary


Now is not the time for a public borrowing spree

The prime minister is expected to announce a pay rise for the public sector next week, but the chancellor is right to restrain her attempt to buy herself a legacy

Bercow scuppers May – and edges us ever closer to a Final Say

If we wish to resolve matters relatively swiftly, the Commons could choose now to pass May’s deal with the addition of it being approved by a second public vote – the current Kyle-Wilson amendment

The tech giants must now use their great power to fight racist hate

The question for politicians and powerful companies is what can be done to make horrors such as the Christchurch killings less likely in future