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Why is there no government in Northern Ireland?

The region has reached the world record for the longest period without a government 

How Theresa May could force through Brexit – and split the Tory Party

A competent negotiator should be able to bring enough dissenters on board to produce a majority in the House of Commons

Jeremy Corbyn launches bid to topple Theresa May

Immediately after the vote, the Labour leader moved to table a formal motion of no confidence in the government

Pull plug on May and get Corbyn, Johnson warns DUP

Comments come after DUP spoke of confidence and supply agreement with government in the past tense when details of Brexit deal emerged

May urged to 'bin' Brexit deal by DUP

PM under pressure over her Brexit deal as Spain threatens to derail special EU summit

DUP threaten to torpedo Theresa May's Brexit proposals

The PM's allies said they would not tolerate a border of "any kind" down the Irish Sea