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PM sends unsigned extension request to EU

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DUP rejects Johnson's Brexit deal with EU minutes after announcement

Mr Johnson made shock announcement he had struck an eleventh-hour agreement

If the DUP holds out, Brexit could be blocked for another decade

Liberal progressive Remainers are not going to rush to praise Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds, whose party is associated with social values considered antique – but they might have them to thank for stopping Brexit

Why the Orange Order’s Dumcree March has been so controversial

Annual procession through Portadown dropped this year as peace prevails following history of violence

Boris Johnson simply doesn’t care about Northern Ireland

The former foreign secretary once ludicrously compared the Irish border to the division between two London boroughs. Unionists should stand up against Boris before he destroys their fragile peace

Labour Leaver MPs demand say on future Brexit talks

Exclusive: ‘If we get the assurances we want, then up to 20 Labour MPs could back her when the vote comes back’

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Patrick Cockburn The DUP has put Northern Ireland’s future in peril over Brexit

In the latest in his series examining Brexit’s impact around the UK, Patrick Cockburn concludes that the political landscape in Northern Ireland is painfully familiar