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Brexit: Can the PM give Stormont a veto on the Irish border backstop?

Analysis: The PM is desperate to convince the DUP to back her deal, but may be making promises that cannot be kept, says John Rentoul

DUP will not support May's Brexit deal in new vote

The party said they could not back the deal while the 'Irish backstop' remains a key part

May says she will resign if it means her Brexit deal passes

The prime minister said: 'I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party'

May makes last ditch plea for EU to give ground in Brexit talks

PM will give a speech saying the actions of the EU will have a material impact on the outcome of a critical vote on Tuesday

When are the key upcoming Brexit votes?

Three possible ballots in three days will decide Britain's immediate future

How millennials are breathing fresh life into the Irish language

New generations of Irish people are engaged in a very 21st century revival of their native tongue – Ben Kelly discovers how Gaelic is being dragged out of the classroom and into the outside world