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How Boris and Brussels can solve the backstop and deliver Brexit

A border in the Irish Sea is the only way to achieve the promised Brexit for Britain and maintain the peaceful status quo in Ireland

DUP elects its first gay candidate

Alison Bennington’s election is significant in a party that has a tradition of opposing LGBT rights

Why is there no government in Northern Ireland?

The region has passed the world record for the longest period without a government 

May admits country 'in crisis' with 10 days to avert no-deal Brexit

She will now write to European Council president Donald Tusk setting out her next steps ahead of a summit starting Thursday

Here's why the Northern Ireland backstop is so important

By riding roughshod over the wishes of people in the province, May and Foster have done more to make the case for a united Ireland than Sinn Fein ever could

May’s Brexit deal is the only option for Northern Ireland

To avoid maximum damage, the country must push for the softest deal possible with the EU so the backstop never has to come into force