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Editors' letters

Rivkah Brown The circus around Cummings distracts from far more important stories

As the general election powerfully demonstrated, the preoccupations of pundits aren’t always shared by the public, writes Rivkah Brown

Cummings can only survive if he ‘vanishes’ from headlines – Clarke

Powerful aides ‘don’t normally dress exotically and pose for the photographers’, says grandee


Matthew Norman I have just the thing to revive Cummings’ weirdos and misfits movement

If not the roster of freaks we already have, I have a cracking policy paper on how to colonise Saturn’s third ring with a slave labour force of sterilised teenage girls that you’ll just love, writes Matthew Norman

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Adam Forrest Inside Politics: Dominic Cummings assumes complete control

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Politics explained

Andrew Grice Is Sajid Javid’s resignation really a victory for Dominic Cummings?

Ministers’ hopes that they had passed ‘peak Dom’ appear to be wide of the mark, writes Andrew Grice


Andrew Grice Cummings is replacing the civil service clique with one of his own

The danger of Cummings’ plan is that the neutral civil service could become politicised