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Musk says Brexit made him decide against Tesla electric car base in UK

‘Brexit made it too risky to put a Gigafactory in the UK’

The dark threats from No 10 show a brazen taste for persecution

This has a strong whiff of the 1930s about it – it is a right wing, nationalist government’s attempt to suppress dissent

Use of anonymous sources is in the public interest

The crux of the issue with sources is an assumption that the government is manipulating the media by secret means, but truth is a more important consideration

Editor’s letters

John Rentoul Dominic Cummings and Alastair Campbell: advisers who became the story

Both came to No 10 with reputations for spin. But it’s unlikely that the Vote Leave architect will enjoy the same longevity as those before him

PM referred to regulator over claims of potential misconduct

Downing Street sources accuse City Hall of political move after Greater London Authority decision

Johnson ‘could face prison time’ if he breaks law for no-deal Brexit

Ex-director of public prosecutions says prime minister would be treated like any other citizen in ‘contempt of court’

Major accuses Cummings of 'poisoning' politics in thinly-veiled attack

Former PM says government operating through ‘bluster and threat’ as he hits out at move to suspend parliament