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Sickness ‘banned’ in parts of France due to lack of doctors

'We want to alert the public authorities to the lack of doctors,' says Dominique Dhumeaux, president of the association of rural mayors of Sarthe

News analysis

Shaun Lintern We need to listen to what NHS staff are telling us

Health correspondent Shaun Lintern argues the results of the NHS staff survey should be a wake-up call for health service bosses

Doctors are turning up to work even when they're ill

The stigma around health problems, taking sick leave, and a perceived failure to cope means many doctors are reluctant to raise issues: they want to present as a picture of health and strength to patients, peers and senior colleagues

900 children test positive for HIV after doctor ‘reuses syringes’

‘Negligent’ paediatrician blamed for epidemic is now working in public hospital

Brexit poses risk to children’s health, report warns

Government cuts to early-years services and public health funding also causing damage, according to Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Thousands of NHS consultants ‘intend to quit years before retirement’

'Implications of such a significant loss of skilled and specialist clinicians is potentially disastrous,' says BMA

Reliance on overseas doctors 'may cause NHS crisis after Brexit'

Not enough doctors to match growing demand, with some areas reliant on overseas recruits for more than two in five medical roles

Doctor accused of killing girlfriend's baby by spiking her drink

Sikander Imran has been charged after former partner claims he put drug Misoprostol in her tea