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Labour blames Tory austerity for 120,000 excess deaths in broadcast

'This is a national emergency made in Downing Street for the Tories must answer for,' says shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth

No-deal Brexit could be ‘taken off the table’, Philip Hammond admits

'The government is not in control of this,' chancellor admits

Theresa May survives no confidence vote brought by Jeremy Corbyn

PM manages to cling to office once more, as parliament voted by 325 to 306 not to kick off a chain of events that could have led to a general election

Jeremy Corbyn accuses May of presiding over 'government in chaos'

'She must now bring her dismal deal back to the House of Commons next week so parliament can take back control'

What next for Brexit after May’s no-confidence vote?

The prime minister will claim she now has a mandate to finish Brexit, but she still has a huge fight on her hands

If Theresa May faces a vote of confidence, what will happen next?

A vote of confidence is on the cards, and there’s still a chance we could have a second referendum or even a general election in the near future

May forced into embarrassing climbdown on fixed-odds betting terminals

‘I think they were quite surprised, although they shouldn’t have been because I told them this was going to be the outcome,’ said Tracey Crouch, who resigned from government over the issue