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Farage willing to strike pact with Johnson to deliver no-deal Brexit

Brexit party leader urges next Tory prime minister to call a general election, saying 'I'd want to work with them, of course I'd do that'

Tory leadership contenders dismiss Johnson’s unchallenged ‘coronation’

‘We should have learned from the last time round coronations are not the way to do democratic politics’

Raab attacks rival Johnson as Tory leadership intensifies

Ex-Brexit secretary also mocks Mr Johnson’s decision to duck a televised debate on Sunday

Brexit Party tops European poll as Greens push Tories into fifth

Labour hints at supporting second referendum as Liberal Democrats win Remain voters

As a young voter, I’d always gone with Labour. Not this time

I’ve not abandoned the socialist ideology of the Labour Party. I would argue that the Labour Party has

Brexit Party most popular for Euro vote only among over-55s

Nigel Farage’s party also ahead of Westminster’s established parties for European parliament elections

Revealed: Tory links to Steve Bannon’s far-right training school

Academy for the Judeo-Christian West is a 'gladiator school' to train the 'next generation of nationalist and populist leaders'