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Tory who said ‘nuisances’ should be made to live in tents wins MP seat

Newly elected MP recently investigated over alleged antisemitism in pro-Boris Johnson group

Tories revive fake 'fact-checking' brand to celebrate election victory

Boris Johnson's party appears to mock condemnation of its disinformation spree on social media

Second Lib Dem urges tactical vote for his Labour rival

Cardiff North candidate advises supporters to 'vote tactical not tribal'

A swing of just 1 per cent could change everything in this election

A small number of voters switching from Conservative to Labour could easily be enough to deprive Boris Johnson of a parliamentary majority

Johnson: 'Female suffrage happened because women could run over men'

Resurfaced video follows controversial article by PM criticising single mothers

PM called on to suspend three Tory candidates over antisemitism claims

Conservatives confirm the cases are ‘being investigated’